Temporary Hit Points

A variety of sources can grant you temporary hit points—small reservoirs of stamina that insulate you from losing actual hit points.


Not Real Hit Points: Temporary hit points aren’t real hit points. They’re a layer of insulation that attacks have to get through before they start doing damage to you. Don’t add temporary hit points to your current hit points (if your current hit points are 0, you still have 0 when you receive temporary hit points). Keep track of them as a separate pool of hit points.

Don’t Count toward Maximum: Temporary hit points don’t count when you compare your current hit points to your maximum hit points, when you determine whether you’re bloodied, or for other effects that depend on your current hit points.

Lose Temporary Hit Points First: When you take damage, subtract it from your temporary hit points.
If you take more damage than your temporary hit points, extra damage reduces your current hit points.

Don’t Add Together: If you get temporary hit points and already have some, use the higher value as your temporary hit point total instead of adding the values together.

Last until You Rest: Your temporary hit points last until they’re reduced to 0 by damage or until you take a rest.

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Temporary Hit Points

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