Game 1

Played: 2010/02/08
Party make-up: Standard

Road between Shaelmur and Ankhapur, Southern Faerun
Party encounter a campsite and what appear to be highwaymen. Attempts at diplomacy fail and combat ensues.

1st Battle – Highway Robbery
Location: Shaelmur-Ankhapur Road
—3x Bandit Guard
—4x Bandit Recruit
—1x Bandit Cleric
—Rune-marked hollow crossbow bolt
XP Each: 220
—Behaviour of bandits was odd. Attempted to harvest blood of party using crossbow bolts.
—Party burnt all bolts containing their blood.

After combat, party continued along road, encountering an abandoned turnip wagon. Determined caused by dragon, went in search and found dragon. Party intimidated dragon but combat still ensued.

2nd Battle – Boiling Bog
Location: A few hours north of Shaelmur-Ankhapur Road
—1x Young Black Dragon
—1x Boiling Mud
—280 GP
—Boots of the Dryad
XP Each: ???
—Someone ate some of the large mushrooms (5 feet across) populating the edge of the bog. —Panh pocketed some mushroom spores from the large mushrooms.

Game 1

The Sixth Stone Thegg